Object-Oriented Programming vs. Functional Programming

Today I found a great article on hacker news with regards to Object Oriented Programming. Some interesting arguments about code complexity causing issues with Volkswagen accelerator issues and the Boeing MAX issues.


“None of the built-in OOP features help with preventing spaghetti code — encapsulation simply hides and scatters state across the program, which only makes things worse. Inheritance adds even more confusion. OOP polymorphism once again makes things even more confusing — there are no benefits in not knowing what exact execution path the program is going to take at runtime. Especially when multiple levels of inheritance are involved.”

These are very valid arguments based on my own experience with JAVA based OOP. The complexity it adds seems to outweigh the “efficiency” of the code and runs the risk of morphing into tangled mess of “Spaghetti Code”.

A great read and an interesting concept for people who do software development.

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