I’m using Web-IOL for my CCNP/CCIE studies, it’s an amazing resource that I grabbed when I was working with Cisco IT. I’m able to run around 50+ routers with the SYS-E300-8D that I purchased to run my ESXi instance. I went ahead and added all the Cisco BGP V4 labs that I was able to grab and turn into PDF with the script that I wrote that enables me to study without having to login and use their E-Reader…..it often times out and will not let you copy and paste and is overall just annoying.

Starting up an instance of Web-IOL

BGP V4 Cisco Class that I added to my Web-IOL instance

Picking your lab and L2 and L3 images

Web instance of Web-IOL after starting a BGP Lab

Point and Click Topology

SecureCRT interacting with Web-IOL while studying BGP

All the Steps for the various labs uploaded to Web-IOL.

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