Flowers (2024)

Holly Bear with Polygala myrtifolia

Dahlia “Mystic Sparkler”

Dahlia “Mystic Dreamer”

Ebb Tide Rose Bush (smells AMAZING)

Sultry Night Shrub Rose (wonderful smell, almost as good as Ebb Tide)

All My Loving Hybrid Tea Rose (Did not smell this one)

Penstemon ‘Catherine de la Mare’

Margarita BOP Penstemon

Oh-La-La Bougainvillea (with ‘Catherine de la Mare’)

Passion Flower

Golden Snitch on what’s left of a winter flowering Salvia purpurea

Jurassic Ecchium

Baby Ecchium

Random Bulb in Yard


Pink Kaboom

Rock Purslane

African Daisy

Humming Bird Sage

Lotus Vine / Parrots Beak (Ground Cover)

Penstemon – Cha Cha Purple

Some kind of aloe (was here before me)


FortNight Lilly

Lithodora Grace Ward

Kangaroo Paw

Dark Star Ceanothus

Salvia chiapensis

Aster “Purple Haze” (with a cool little bug that looks like a petal)

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